Arts in Business Awards Application


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Nominees must be an Alamance County for-profit or not-for-profit business.  Foundations, individual philanthropists, government agencies and arts organizations are not eligible to compete. Recipients of the Arts in Business Award must have a significant impact on the arts through a variety of activities or through a single project of significant magnitude.  Once a company has been recognized as an award recipient, there is a three-year period of ineligibility before a nomination can be submitted again.


Who can nominate a business? Anyone can nominate: an individual, an arts organization or a company employee.

How can I nominate a business? You must complete the nomination form and submit it to Alamance Arts.

How will the winner be selected? An independent panel of judges selected by Alamance Arts will choose the winner.  Nominees are judged on the following criteria:

  • Significance of the achievement or contribution.

  • Number of individuals impacted by the art contribution.

  • Strength of the nominating form and the letters of support.

  • Demonstrated mutual benefits of partnership to both the business and arts or cultural organization.

  • The notable activity of the business should be within the current year.  For the inaugural award, the activity/project must have occurred within the past two years.