September 25, 2017

12:28 p.m. Pop Up strikes again! Thanks to Burlington Transit for hosting #popup poetry this past Thursday! Commuters enjoyed hearing words come to life! 

Click HERE to Watch Video.


September 17, 2017

Pop Up Art strikes again at the Carousel Festival!


September 9, 2017

2:25 p.m. PopUp! Two artists, Lindsey and Pat, painted at Just $ave grocery store this morning and handed out their pieces to shopping customers (for free). Stay tuned for more PopUp art!! Thank you, @neaarts for helping us bring this project to life!


October 26, 2017

3:15 p.m. PopUp! Thank you, Mr. Guzman for welcoming us in your market today! Artists Lindsey and Antje had a blast painting and giving away their mini artworks to customers. Stay tuned for more PopUp art in Alamance County!  


October 23, 2017

5:38 p.m. PopUp! This past Saturday two artists, Pat and Antje, set up their easels in Lowes Food and painted mini canvases and gave them out to grocery shoppers. We are doing PopUp art throughout Alamance County — keep your eyes open, you don't want to miss something spectacular! 


JUNE 15, 2017

More than 40 volunteers from Alamance County helped make around 200 yards of bright-colored knitted panels to hang over the University Drive bridge in Burlington for a month. PopUp Arts plans to surprise residents not only with dance and musical performances, but also with live painting sessions and even covering bridges with yarn! Stay tuned for more "PopUp Art!"