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213 South Main Street, Graham, NC

merge, INDEPENDENT artist movement

saturday, august 17 - saturday, august 31, 2019

MERGE, a community art exhibition showcasing emerging and established artists, will be on display and for sale in the Sister Galleries of the Alamance Arts, August 17th through August 31st, 2019.

This exhibition is a collaboration between iAM (Independent Artist Movement) and Alamance Arts and features 65 pieces of artwork. Exhibiting artists include: Timothy Petty, MJT Illustration, Aaron Pennington, Ed Fadool, Kelly Walsh, Britt Flood, Sean T. Bailey, Thomas W. Graham, MGBarr, Greg VandeVisser, Marx Myth, Holden Richards, David Gellatly, Jill Beth Hannes, Kyndall Owens, Brenda G. Poole, Carol Retsch-Bogart, Lisa Marie Gallo, Taylor C. McGee, Becky Beedy, Amber Cauley, Ann M Lawtey, Rick Grime, Brenda Olds Carter, Jennifer Smith, Lauri Daughtry, Kristin Smith, Brian Collins, Joshua Hunt, Kathryn Boehm, Lisa Sheffield, Steve Fishman, Lindsey Mitchell, Melody Bodkin, Donald Bustraan.

An Artful Gathering to meet the artists and celebrate their works will be held on Saturday, August 17 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Music will be performed by Love & Valor and refreshments will be available. The reception will be free and everyone is welcome to attend.


Alamance Arts,

SunTrust Gallery

213 South Main Street, Graham, NC

Persia Sublime, A Visual Tapestry of Journeys in Iran by sia yazdanfar

saturday, august 17 - saturday, august 31, 2019

Persia Sublime, A Visual Tapestry of Journeys in Iran, a photography exhibit by Sia Yazdanfar, will be on display and for sale in the SunTrust Gallery of the Alamance Arts Captain White House, August 17th through August 31st, 2019.

Captured through his photography in two years of journeys in the Middle East and over forty thousand photos, Sia Yazdanfar has returned to share selections with an audience mostly unfamiliar with the beauty of an oft-misunderstood cradle of civilization.

In 2017 after three decades in the United Sates, Sia Yazdanfar chose to move back to his birth country, Iran, to reconnect with family, culture and traditions either long lost or never unearthed.   Yazdanfar said “while life’s pilgrimage was both diligently planned and organic in nature, the outcome rested in the hands of the universe - what began as a homecoming voyage, became a series of adventures from far-flung corners of the arid central deserts and thousand year-old towns, to snow-capped volcanoes and coastal villages, and the exposure to sights and experiences that one thought only existed in storybooks and dreams.”

“For this series of showings, Persia Sublime, I have chosen to present images with the locations as the focal point as opposed to the people for whom life revolves around these spaces. While the structures and sites are all man-made, the photographs are absent of human presence when possible, thus up for individual interpretation & the viewer’s imagination. Collectively the sacred geometry of the tilework in centuries-old tombs & forts, vibrant colored mosaics of mosques & palaces, & architectural symmetry convey a sense of place unique to my country,” Yazdanfar said.

He is a founding partner of Gallery Parsa in Tehran, Iran, named after his late stepfather, Bahman Parsa, whose artistic body of work spanned over half a century and is comprised of over twenty books of Persian script and photography and large-scale lithographic prints.  

Published by Gallery Parsa and part of this exhibition, Persia Sublime, are two books - anthologies of the poets Rumi and Hafiz.  These rare collector’s pieces contain original miniature paintings and script by master calligraphers and are the culmination of a decades-long undertaking by Yazdanfar.

Yazdanfar reflects “I hope my displayed works strip away all the artifice and allow viewers to see my native land as it is, in all its complexity and history”.

An Artful Gathering to meet the artist and celebrate his work will be held on Saturday, August 17 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Music will be performed by Love & Valor and refreshments will be available.  The reception will be free and everyone is welcome to attend.


Paramount Theater

128 East Front Street, Burlington, NC

Chrystal Hardt

friday, august 2 - thursday, september 19, 2019

Chrystal Hardt is a visual artist with thirty years of experience painting and exploring the world through visual media.  The journey began in in 1985 after a trip to Europe when friends suggested painting. Beginning with a calendar image and moving next to a photo taken on the trip, Hardt was soon creating images from inner space.  Her early memories include the magic of receiving a pony for Christmas – their energy and beauty still animate her paintings.

Her first solo show was in Hillsborough in 1991 and she continues to show regularly throughout the Piedmont and Triangle areas.  One of her latest undertakings is the creation of a mural for the Kirby Cultural Arts Center in Roxboro entitled “Dancing on the Roof”, which depicts people of many backgrounds as one in the circle dance of life.

Hardt states “Painting for me is an exploration of life through abstract relationships of light and dark, color, mystery and emotion.  I strive to strike a balance between the figurative and the abstract.  My work evolves through the process of painting.”

Visit the artist’s website.

The Paramount Theater is open Monday - Saturday, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm and one hour prior to all Paramount Theater events and productions.

Mellin Asian flowers.png

Mebane Arts and Community Center

633 Corregidor Street, Mebane, NC

simple elegance, barbara rizza mellin

friday, august 2 - sunday, september 29, 2019

The exhibit features a collection of blossom and branch paintings created in a modern interpretation of the ancient art of Asian Brush Painting.  Historically, this style painting was limited to four floral images (plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum) that carried symbolic references known to the viewers. However, while using traditional techniques, Mellin has included a wider variety of flowers and leaves (her personal favorites) to appeal to contemporary audiences.

The works were created on natural hand-made papers.  The thick, 100% cotton, acid-free handmade Nujabi paper absorbs color beautifully, giving a soft, delicate, natural look to the artwork with decal edging and a unique quality caused by the unavoidable imperfections of this paper. 

The use traditional Chinese bamboo brushes that allow Mellin to create the thinnest lines and broadest areas of color with just one brush. The black and several additional colors are derived from Chinese or Sumi ink sticks that she grinds with water onto an ink stone, producing various viscosities of ink. Other colors come from Chinese watercolor paints that are richer in tone and more opaque than “regular” watercolor paints, but not as thick as gouache. 

“What I love about Asian Brush Painting is the simple elegance of the natural subjects, plus the real and apparent spontaneity of the process. Less is more. A few strokes can capture the beauty of a blossom or the fragility of a falling leaf.  There is a meditation quality to the process. I create each image at one sitting, with no preliminary drawing and very little overpainting or modification. The idea is to capture the natural essence of the image rather than a detailed botanical copy.   These works combine elements of watercolor paintings and calligraphic line drawings, and, yet, have their own unique look and style.  As an art historian, I love preserving and reinterpreting classic techniques for contemporary audiences.” says Mellin.

Barbara Rizza Mellin is an award-winning artist and writer, having relocated 10 years ago to Winston Salem, NC from the Boston area, where she had taught art classes for more than 25 years. Her current interests are in Asian Brush painting and printmaking.  Mellin holds a graduate degree in Art History from Harvard and teaches college courses in Humanities and Asian Art; writes frequently about the arts and culture for international, national and local publications; and teaches workshops and lectures on art, writing and travel.

Her artwork has been featured in juried exhibits throughout the U.S. and in one-woman exhibitions at Duke University (Durham), Alamance Arts (Graham), the Hiddenite Arts and Heritage Center, Chapel Hill Library, and at Artworks and Red Dog Galleries in Winston Salem, NC.  One of her Asian Brush paintings received the Art Council’s ArtPop award, showcasing her art on a highway billboard during 2017. Her art is also on display at Piedmont Triad international (PTI) Airport/ Main Terminal in Greensboro, NC.

Having visited 47 US states and 24 countries on 5 continents, she finds inspiration in the world’s diverse cultures. It is important, Mellin believes, to know our world—our whole world—and the people in it. “By experiencing other places and customs, we put our life into context and gain a deeper appreciation for all lives,” she says. “Travel makes history and art real. It helps us to see the beauty and exotic in everyday life.”

Visit the artist’s website.

The Mebane Arts and Community Center is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm.

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